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Testing Structural Realism Program

Testing Structural Realism
Experimental Studies in the Philosophy of Science

June 13-15, 2014
Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities
Clark Hall 206 Case Western Reserve University

Friday, June 13
3:30 pm
Opening Remarks

4:00 pm
Colin McLarty (Philosophy and Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University)
“Poincaré: Underdetermination from the Physics Lab to Mathematics”

5:30 pm
Anjan Chakravartty (Philosophy, University of Notre Dame)
“Pluralist Structuralism: Squaring Realism with Pragmatism about the Metaphysics of Structure”

Saturday, June 14
9:00am Breakfast at Conference Site

9:30 am
David Glick (Philosophy, University of Arizona)
“The Ontology of Quantum Field Theory: Structural Realism Vindicated?”

11:00 am
Dean Peters (Philosophy, University of Johannesburg)
“(Selective) Structural Realism and Phlogiston”

12:30 pm Lunch
After Lunch: Cleveland Museum of Art

4:00 pm
Kerry McKenzie (Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario)
“Looking forward, not back: structuralism in the present”

7:00 pm
Larry and Rachel Laudan (University of Texas)

Sunday, June 15
9:00am Breakfast at Conference Site

9:30 am
Moti Mizrahi (Philosophy, St. John’s University)
“Structural Realism and the Aim of Science”

11:00 am
Tom Pashby (History & Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh)
“Structural Preservation Through Theory Change: The Case of Dirac’s Electron Equation”

12:30 pm Lunch

2:00 pm
Timothy Lyons (Philosophy, Indiana University-Purdue University)
“Structural Realism versus Deployment Realism: a Comparative Evaluation”

3:30 pm
Dana Tulodziecki (Philosophy, Purdue University)
“Testing structural realism: lessons from 19th Century medicine”

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