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SPRING 2015 Course Offerings

Course Title Days Times Faculty Member Credit Hours
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy MWF 2-2:50pm McLarty, C. 3.0
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy TR 11:30-12:45pm van Leeuwen, A. 3.0
PHIL 203 Natural Philosophy I TR 11:30-12:45pm Haufe, C. 3.0
PHIL 205 Contemporary Moral Problems TR 8::30-9:45am Bendik-Keymer, J. 3.0
PHIL 302 Modern Philosophy TR 1:15-2:30pm Kim, C. 3.0
PHIL 315/415 Selected Topics in Philosophy: Environmental Civics W 3-5:30pm Bendik-Keymer, J. 3.0
PHIL 330/430 Topics in Ethics: Global Corporate Ethics MW 12:30-1:45pm French, S. 3.0
PHIL 330/430 Topics in Ethics: Can ethics be scientific? TR 1:15-2:30pm Jack, A. 3.0
PHIL 333/433 Philosophy of Religion TR 2:45-4pm Kim, C. 3.0
PHIL 390 Senior Research Seminars in History and Philosophy of Science TBA TBA Rocke, A. 3.0
PHIL 399 Tutorial TBA Staff 1.0-3.0
PHIL 699 Tutorial TBA Staff 1.0-3.0