Fridays during Common Hour once per month (or so), Guilford Lounge, 12:45-2PM

September 22
October 27
November 10

December 1

Spring 2018 Common Hours 

February 9
March 2
April 13

Coordinator: Jeremy Bendik-Keymer,

The gelling of a philosophical community is central to the life of philosophy. The word “philosophy” literally means friendship around, or with, or for, wisdom. Usually the word is interpreted to mean that one has a deep care for wisdom. But in the history of the practice of philosophy, the experience and practice of friendship around the search for wisdom was actually more important and was more accurate. We cannot really be friends with or for a capacity such as wisdom, but we can we friendly with each other and act in such a way for each other.

The Philosophy Common Hour, open to all interested members of the CWRU philosophical community, including the curious and the new, gestures to and helps maintain this ancient tradition of philosophy as a way of life involving friendship around the search for wisdom. It occasionally has topics, but usually is free-form –a space and time for people to talk about whatever crosses their minds and lives.

Held in the historic Guilford Parlour in Guilford House, once location of the Mather College for Women social space, the Philosophy Common Hour includes coffee and sandwiches for those with a taste for them.