PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy  MW 2:30-3:15 pm McLarty

PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy MW 3:20-4:35 pm Nya

PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy TR 1-2:15 pm Hengehold

PHIL 102 Moral Character (UGER Moral and Ethical Reasoning Perspective) M 7-9:30 pm Bendik-Keymer

PHIL 204 Philosophy of Science TR 1-2:15 pm Haufe

PHIL 222 Science of Happiness TR 10-11:15 am Jack

PHIL 302 Modern Philosophy TR 2:30-3:45 pm Kim

PHIL 306/406 Math Logic  & Model Theory MW 3:20-4:35 pm McLarty

PHIL 308/408 Bioethics and Armed Conflict MW 12:45-2pm Wolfendale

PHIL 309 Climate Justice (UGER Moral and Ethical Reasoning Perspective) W 7-9:30 pm Bendik-Keymer

PHIL 315/415 Selected Topics: Philosophy of Nietzsche TR 4-5:15 pm Hengehold

PHIL 315/415 Selected Topics: Philosophy and Race MW 4:50-6:10 pm Nya

PHIL 319/419 Philosophy of State Violence MW 3:20-4:35 pm Wolfendale

PHIL 336/436 Military Ethics, the Military Profession and International Law tbd

PHIL 392 Empathic Leadership  3:20-5:50 pm Jack

PHIL 393/493 Ethics of AI and Emerging Tech MW 12:45-2 pm French