The Department of Philosophy offers an undergraduate major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. It also offers minor programs for undergraduates as well as graduate-level courses for candidates for the Master of Arts degree in such fields as biomedical ethics, history, English, mathematics and the sciences.

The department’s course offerings are designed not only to provide knowledge and skills required for students whose main interest is in philosophy, but also to educate students in general about the intellectual issues that a reflective person is likely to encounter in various life contexts.The department emphasizes the relevance of philosophy to mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities and arts, and law.

The major program in philosophy, besides offering a solid foundation for advanced study in philosophy and enriching programs in other disciplines, develops the skills for analytical and critical thinking, effective communication, and rational decision making needed in a wide range of endeavors. The program thus provides majors with unusual flexibility in the choice of subsequent careers, including law, medicine, and management, while complementing the pursuit of career objectives with a greater perspective and a richer quality of intellectual life.

Department of Philosophy Speaker Series – February 16, 2022

 Department of Philosophy Speaker Series February 16th at 6pm Black Women, State Violence, and the Logic of the Narrative of 'Mothers of the Movement’ February 16, 2022, 6pm Dr. Shaeeda Mensah Assistant Professor of Philosophy McDaniel College Dr. Mensah is an assistant professor of philosophy at McDaniel College. She earned...

Department of Philosophy Speaker Series 2022

  Philosophy Speaker Series 2022 The Philosophy of Race has been an ever-growing topic of research in the field of Philosophy since the rise of African-American philosopher, Alain Locke, during the Harlem Renaissance. In recent years it has grown to include the philosophy of non-whites across the globe including thinkers such...

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