Ethics Table Brown Bag Lunches, 2013-2014


The Spring 2014 Brown Bag Lunches were led by Nicole Deming, Department of Bioethics and past member of the Ethics Table (Fellows), 2011-2012, the inaugural group. As developed in Spring 2013, the process for topic generation in the Fall was community input –an evolving discussion.

Schedule and Dates
Location: Room A, Thwing Center

September 4th : Student loan debt, take 2 –challenging the value of a private college education
September 18th : The ethics of military intervention in Syria
October 2nd : The ethics of killing, led by Shannon French and Tony Jack
October 16th : The ethics of Humans vs. Zombies, with Tyler Freeto, chief administrator of HvZ at CWRU, and Chase Weinman, philosophy student
October 30th : The ethics of sex (following on Lynne Huffer’s visit)
November 13th : Facing extinction
December 4th : The ethics of travel, with David Beach, Green City Blue Lake Institute

According to Nicole, the Spring topics involved many on “food, education, and research,” generated with Mary Holmes and Adam Perzynski, also members of the 2011-2012 Ethics Table (Fellows). We have email records of only two of the many dates, however:

April 2nd : How do we understand individual achievement or merit in a social context?
April 9th : Informed Consent (on stage at the Cleveland Playhouse)