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Name Title Email Phone
Jeremy David Bendik-Keymer The Elmer G. Beamer-Hubert H. Schneider Professor in Ethics, Associate Professor 216.368.3563
Shannon French Inamori Professor in Ethics, Associate Professor-Interim Chair, Department of Philosophy, 2014-2015 216.368.2579
Chris Haufe Assistant Professor 216.368.0057
Laura Hengehold Chair, and Associate Professor- (on sabbatical, 2014-2015) 216.368.2633
Anthony Jack Associate Professor 216.368.6996
Chin-Tai Kim Professor 216.368.2811
Colin McLarty The Truman P. Handy Professor of Philosophy 216.368.2632

Associated Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
Insoo Hyun  Associate Professor 216.368.8658
Joel Levin Adjunct Professor 216.368.3283
Shannon Lundeen Director of the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women and Adjunct Associate Professor 216.368.0985
Deepak Sarma Professor 216.368.4790
Anne van Leeuwen Lecturer Anne van Leeuwen 216.368.4659

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
Caroline Whitbeck Elmer G. Beamer-Hubert H. Schneider Professor Emerita in Ethics


Name Title Email Phone
Renee Holland-Golphin Department Administrator 216.368.2810