The major consists of 30 hours (10 three-credit courses) in philosophy, including PHIL 101 (Introduction to Philosophy), PHIL 201 (Introduction to Logic), PHIL 301 (Ancient Philosophy), PHIL 302 (Modern Philosophy), and six other elective philosophy courses to be determined in consultation with the department’s undergraduate advisor. However, a student may request permission to take up to six hours (two three-credit courses) of the required 18 hours of philosophy electives in another field or other fields. Such a request should be supported by considerations showing how the substitution(s) would strengthen the student’s major in philosophy. The advisor must approve the substitution(s) in advance.

Major required courses:

PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHIL 201 Introduction to Logic 3
PHIL 301 Ancient Philosophy 3
PHIL 302 Modern Philosophy 3
Six philosophy electives chosen in consultation with advisor. With permission of advisor, up to 6 hours may be taken outside the department. Only 3 units are permitted to be from a University Seminar. Please contact the department for a current list of University Seminars that may be taken for credit towards the Philosophy major. 18
Total Units 30

Departmental Honors

The department offers an honors program for students pursuing a major in philosophy. Students in this program must complete a substantial thesis, pass an oral examination on the thesis, and maintain a B average in philosophy courses. To be eligible for admission, a student should have an overall grade point average of B or better, and a grade of B or better in each philosophy course already taken. A student normally should have taken at least four, and at most seven, philosophy courses at the time of application for admission. An honors student should register for PHIL 399 (Directed Study) to do honors work. Interested students should apply for admission to the program during the first semester of junior year.

Philosophy Capstone

Students may fulfill their SAGES capstone requirement in philosophy by registering for PHIL 399 (Directed Study) after devising a suitable project in consultation with the undergraduate advisor and the supervising faculty member.