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Visitors to the Department

Jie Liu photo

Jie Lui

Associate Professor and Visiting Researcher from the Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology of Shanxi University. Her research area is philosophy of mathematics and her most scholarly journal articles are mainly on mathematical realism, mathematical truth and contextualism in mathematics. She is currently working on a book on Contemporary Development in Philosophy of Mathematics: a contexualist framework of mathematics.



Kevin Houser

Kevin Houser is the Beamer-Schneider SAGES Teaching Fellow in Ethics at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2015, he received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Indiana University, Bloomington. Research specialties include ethics/moral philosophy, empathy and moral emotions, epistemology, market ethics, and the work of Emmanuel Levinas. Current projects include an in-service series (for Case Western) on cross-disciplinary ethics instruction, an expansion of the APA/Marc Sanders Essay “Empathy Re-Moralized,” and a chapter for the upcoming (2017) Oxford Handbook of Emmanuel Levinastitled “Levinas and Analytic Philosophy: Towards an Ethical Metaphysics of Reasons.” Current cv with publications and teaching experience is here. Present work proceeds from a conviction, contracted from Emmanuel Levinas, Stanley Cavell, and Robert Brandom, that the common quests to find reasons to be ethical and/or to derive ethical authority from practical reason, are both backwards. Ethics is not best understood as an expression, result, or residue of the rational. Rather, there is a prior pre-reflective ethical relationship which makes reasoned thought possible.

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