Ethics Table Brown Bag Lunches, 2015-2016

Schedule and Dates
Location: The Cleveland Room, Thwing Center

September 2nd: Welcome!
September 16th: Group planning
September 30th: Refuge – Syrian refugee crisis
October 14th: Creating capabilities – Group decision to read Martha Nussbaum’s book before the Inamori Ethics Prize
October 28th: Planning & wisdom – Group discussion led by Cullin Brown around Charles Larmore’s work
November 11th: A global constitutional convention to protect the rights of future generations
January 20th: Ethical practice and research — Kevin Houser & the conditions of dialogue
February 3rd: Open conversation & socializing around ethics
February 17th: Ethical practice and research — Chris Haufe & the empirical testing of normative theories
March 2nd: Open conversation & socializing around ethics
March 16th: Ethical practice and research — Jeremy Bendik-Keymer & the ethics of the Anthropocene
March 30th: Open conversation & socializing around ethics
April 13th: Ethical research and practice –Chin-Tai Kim and the possibility and prospect of global ethics