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Chat -n- Chew Lunches, 2016-17


The Spring 2017 lunches were led by Kevin Houser, Beamer-Schneider SAGES Teaching Fellow in Ethics.

Schedule and Dates
Location:  The Cleveland Room Thwing Center

September 14th: Welcome to the new year & catching up
September 28th: Can we have a right to happiness?  1776 redux
October 12th: How to be happy at school:  growing up
October 26th: Michael Householder -a course designed to make people think about happiness
November 9th: Decolonizing [what happens in] the Cleveland Room, chapter 1:  a lesson in history about the “brown bag test”
November 30th (this is on a 3rd week from the previous, to miss Thanksgiving): “But my granddad watched the Tribe every Sunday” – on the racist “Chief Wahoo” attachment
December 14th: Maxwell Barber:  an inquiry into the ethics of knowledge in the age of Wikipedia
January 25th: Democratic protest today
February 8th: The ethics of emotion in politics: resentment and contempt
February 22nd: Moral flash-mobs, e-shaming, and Indignation on the Internet
March 8th: If there is public insurance, can there be private decisions?
March 22nd: What makes a wage fair?​
April 5th: Is economic inequality a moral problem?
April 26th: Are bad moods immoral?