Philosophy Spring 2023 Speaker Series – 4pm Inamori Center Seminar, TVUC Room 280F

January 20 Chris Haufe “Trust Issues

January 27  J. Arvid Ågren “The Gene’s-Eye View of Evolution” Few phrases in biology have caught the imagination of professionals and lay people alike the way Richard Dawkins’s ‘selfish gene’ has done, and it changed how both groups thought about evolution. The concept of ‘selfish genes’ has been simultaneously influential and contentious. The debate over its value has raged for over half a century and has pitted 20th century Darwinian heavy weights such as John Maynard Smith and W.D. Hamilton against Richard Lewontin and Stephen Jay Gould in the pages of Nature as well as those of The New York Review of Books. I will discuss the origins and developments of the gene’s-eye view view: what it is, where it came from, how it changed, and why it continues to be such a popular thinking tool.

February 3 Shannon French “Artificial Ethics-Emerging Technology and Ethical Decision-Making” In this work-in-progress presentation, Prof. French will explore the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technology as it affects ethical decision-making, intentionally or unintentionally – and the possibility (threat?) of artificial ethics.

February 10 Andrea Borghini

February 17 Ben Mylius (WIP) “Ideologies of Human Separation from the Earth”

February 24 TBA

March 3 Jessica Wolfendale TBA

March 10 TBA

March 24 Matthew Talbert “Moral Responsibility”

March 31 TBA

April 7 John Huss TBA

April 14 TBA

April 21 Jeremy Bendik-Keymer “Without Wondering in Your Presence, I Can’t See You:  Mothering, Social Psychosis, & Mass Extinction”